This is Affirm, LLC

The Affirm brand is dedicated to the empowerment and overall wellness of people. Our beliefs influence our habits, self-image, and the way we move through life. Affirm's products and services empower people to live their best lives. This is Affirm LLC is 100% minority and female-owned with a goal to create jobs and mentoring opportunities for minorities. Boldly and unapologetically AFFIRM who you are! The idea you've been sitting on, the goals you have, and the person you hope to be are all on the other side of START.

Because history and facts matter...

  • Brand established in 2017
  • Became This is Affirm, LLC in 2019
  • Affirm logo trademarked in 2020
  • Start. logo trademarked in 2023
  • Affirm Photography provides portrait and personal branding services
  • This is My Start provides personal development and business coaching services

Select an empowering service and let's get started!

Photography Experiences

My goal is to help you affirm who you are! Photographs allow us to express ourselves and capture special moments in life. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, starting a business, or just want to celebrate yourself, you deserve to have great photos to share and enjoy for years to come!

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Personal Development + Business Coaching

You know that there is something else you are supposed to be doing with your life. You want to be free and freedom for you means earning your worth, traveling frequently, spending more time with loved ones, and doing whatever you want. You want to be fully in control of your life! If you've been flirting with the idea of being an entrepreneur but can't decide between your many talents this experience is for you. Whether you are starting fresh, starting over, or starting again, my coaching experiences will help you affirm who you are, decide exactly what you want to do, and execute your plan.

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Affirm apparel focuses on my purpose of helping people affirm who they are and encouraging them to START right now. Customers wear their START shirts every Monday as a reminder that every week is a new week and you can start pursuing any dream or life you want! This brand is all about affirming who you are and never letting dreams die.